The Heretic - Frankincense (Citrus, Woodsy, Earthy, Rain) Beard Oil



Formulated in the U.S. from natural, organic ingredients and purposefully selected essential oils, this beard oil will make your beard stand out from everyone else. Your beard will be softer, moldable, healthier, and protected. Beard oil keeps your skin hydrated, eliminates itch, and banishes beardruff (beard dandruff). As a free-thinker, you should smell like you're worth more than gold. As is usual with Rogues, ladies will be fawning over your beard.


Scent profile:

Top notes include: Citris like, Eucalyptus and Pine
Base notes: Jasmine, and Cedarwood  


Many rogues have tried our beard oil and love it, but if you don't like it tell us.

Why Heretic?

Heretic - One whose beliefs or actions are considered wrong by most people, because they disagree with beliefs that are generally accepted.


Perfect rationality consists, not in believing what is true, but in attaching to every proposition a degree of belief corresponding to its degree of credibility.


Bertrand Russell

There are ideas in society that masses of people choose to believe blindingly. Even when presented with evidence to the contrary they cling to their dogma as if to life itself. Those who would question those beliefs are labeled heretics, or worse, killed. Simply calling these people heretics does them and their contributions to humanity a disservice. Where would we be without the great free-thinkers of this world? America without her George Washingtons, or Benjamin Franklins. William Tyndale translated the bible, and was burned by the church. William of Ockham was called a Heretic by the pope for declaring there should be a separation between church and state. Jesus Christ was a Heretic.

Nearly every advancement in our understanding of the world and our relationship with it were ideas that came from the minds of a "Heretic"

Frankincense was specifically chosen for the scent of this beard oil. It has been used in pagan and religious rituals. We see its use in trade, medicine, and art. For a time it was an integral part of many societies around the world. These qualities could apply to free-thinkers as well in some degree. The aroma of Frankincense has been described as nothing short of a rainbow of sensation for the olfactory senses, which may be the most accurate description. When King Tut's tomb was opened after 5,000 the explorer described the scent as the greatest sensation of the discovery. 

Like the free-thinker; Frankincense is literally worth more than gold.



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