First let's start with what's in a good beard oil. Generally beard oil contains a carrier oil, and at least one essential oil.
Your higher end beard oils will contain Vitamin E.
One of the most important ingredients are Carrier oils, like jojoba (hohobah), and Argan oil. Both of these oils are great at hydrating and moisturizing the skin, and hair, but each of them do somethings differently. Jojoba and/or Argan oil is used because they produce better hydrating effects than other hydration chemicals. They also help nourish the hair and skin differently.
More expensive beard oils will contain a few more essential oils like tea, sandalwood, lavender, etc, but they need to be cut with carrier oils. Even though it's more expensive to have one or more essential oils in your beard oil, they provide more benefits than just smelling good. They help to keep your hair and skin clean, prevent acne, sores under your beard, flaking skin, and beardruff. Essential oils have a noticeable scent when you first put it on, but it quickly goes away. Someone right up in your beard hair might still smell a hint of it though.
Some cheap beard oils use silicone. Please don't apply silicone to your face and hair. If an ingredients list isn't shown, leave it alone.
Using a beard oil helps cut down or completely eliminates the itching when you're trying to grow it out. As you start growing your beard, your skin naturally secretes oil onto it, but it can't keep up once you start getting to a couple weeks to a month's growth. You might notice that your beard is a bit patchy, and not growing in completely. Using a beard oil helps the hair to grow, keeps your pores clear, and helps to prevent ingrown hairs that lead to sores. Without applying extra oil; your skin and beard starts getting dry. You start itching, and you notice beardruff on your shirt, and shoulders. Keeping the skin and hair moisturized prevents the itch. You can even get the same benefits applying it to the hair on your head as well!
Beard oil also makes your beard look healthier, slightly shinier, smoother, easier to shape, and maintain form. It also prevents split ends. Add this to your regular beard care regimen and more ladies may try touching your beard, so be wary.

Try our original beard oil and let us know how it improves how you look and feel about your presentation.

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