I know a lot of people that look at my beard, and ask me that question. I tell them that while some of it has to do with genetics, there are actually a few things they can do to grow their own full beard naturally. So, we can't just make hair grow where there are no follicles, most men have more dormant or unhealthy follicles on their face than they realize. They need to be stimulated or cared for. I'm going to share with you some of my answers to this question. 



Wash your face

man washing face outsideThis is probably the simplest of all of today's tips. Keeping your face clean is absolutely critical. This will help to get rid of any extra oil and dirt that has built up on the skin, and clogged your pores. Don't use harsh cleansers. If possible, try to wash your face twice a day. All you need is some warm water and a mild soap.


You need to scrub off the old, dead skin. Don't use anything too rough. There are gentle, exfoliating face scrubs available for men. Algae extract, contained in some beard oils, is also a great, mild, natural exfoliator. While it's ok to use a beard oil every day or two, don't use an exfoliator scrub more than twice a week, or you run the risk of irritating your skin.


After cleaning your face be sure to apply moisturizer to it. Having dry, itchy, flaky, skin does more than make you uncomfortable. It also makes it more difficult for your beard to grow in. 
eucalyptus leaves on white backgroundUsing a moisturizer with Eucalyptus promotes facial hair growth. While it makes for a good antiseptic, it also nourishes facial hair which makes the hair stronger, and less prone to breakage. Itchy, dry facial hair is one of the main reasons that beards grow in patchy. Some beard oils contain Eucalyptus and other essential oils that help to moisturize your skin and beard. Staying hydrated should probably be mentioned here as well. You don't need to be one of those guys with the gallon size water jug at work everyday, but a large reusable water bottle will work.

Manage your life

Finally, remaining in control of your life is the most important tip. If you aren't sleeping right, eating right, smoking too much, or not staying active, you'll be dealing with more health issues than a patchy beard. Staying on top those things can help you manage other stressors such as finances, relationships, and job responsibilities. Keep your house in order. Exercise 30 minutes to an hour a day keeps blood flowing (especially around your new beard), watch what you put into your body (proteins and vitamins from what you eat are necessary for beard growth), quitting smoking will directly benefit both blood flow, and nutrient absorption. 

I lied

The most important tip of all is to stop trimming. I know it's going to be hard, your beard is going to look unkempt for a month or two, If your balls itch are you going to cut them off too?but stick with it. If you trim too soon, you'll cause ingrown hairs, which leads to itchy, rashy faces, that finally cause you to give up growing a beard. Starting at about two weeks growth is a good time to start applying beard oil to moisturize, and nourish your face and beard. You can also grab some beard balm to help manage the caveman look, but keep those trimmers and razors locked up. This is when you pull out the beard brush and comb.

Thanks for reading this. I wanted to keep this short, but there's plenty more that can be said about how to grow a beard. Why not leave your tips in the comments?

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